Benefits of Massage Therapy in Sioux Falls SD

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Chiropractic

The history of massage goes back literally thousands of years and references to it, in its many forms, show up in many ancient cultures from Japan and China, to Rome and India, as well as many Arabic cultures. It has remained in use in those various forms for so long because it appears to be a viable and successful way of dealing with a number of maladies. It has certainly gained resurgence in the western world in the last hundred years or so.

The term “massage therapy” takes in a number of different techniques, but generally refers to the practice of manipulating muscles and other soft tissues in order to reduce pain and stress and increase relaxation. There may be a correlation between Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD and a person’s overall health, but scientific evidence of this is limited. This is primarily due to the fact that science doesn’t yet understand what physiological changes occur during massage or exactly how those changes affect the body.

What we do know is that, when done correctly by a trained professional, Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD can alleviate certain types of pain, assist in rehabilitating sports injuries and can lower stress levels, thereby decreasing anxiety. Practitioners believe that the state of your nervous system can affect your overall physical and mental well-being, and that massage directly treats the causes of chronic pain, stress, and headaches, as well as depression and anxiety.

Musculoskeletal massage is a little different from standard massage therapy in that it not only works with soft tissue, it addresses skeletal structure, as well. It deals less with manipulation than with motion. For those suffering neck, back, or joint pain, this treatment can be very beneficial because it tends to increase a comfortable range of motion and helps to maintain a healthy alignment of the skeleton. Those who suffer from fibromyalgia may also receive some degree of relief from this type of Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD.

If you are experiencing pain, tension, stress, or sleeplessness, your body may be in need of the healing touch of Massage Therapy Sioux Falls SD in order to help your overall wellness.


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