An Attorney Can Help If An Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Law Services

If you are involved in an automobile accident and your insurance company simply denies your claim because of your perceived negligence or they deny the claim for no good reason, an auto accident attorney in Detroit can help wade through the red tape and complications associated with appealing what you know to be an unjust action on the insurance companies part.

Attorneys know how to communicate:

Insurance adjusters work by the book, if they are of the opinion that there was a procedural lapse or a deficiency in reporting the accident they will usually deny the claim. At other times the adjuster will deny the claim, hoping that you will take no further action. In many cases the denial note is worded in such a way that you are given very little information to go on or the information that you are given is beyond your ability to comprehend. This is no problem for an auto accident attorney, they speak the same language as the adjuster and they can quickly determine why the claim was denied.

Insurance adjusters are usually overworked, underpaid and can find themselves in trouble with their superiors if they pay too many claims or agree to paying the appropriate amount of compensation. The one thing that worries an adjuster more than anything is a threat of legal action. Even a threat of litigation is enough to get the adjuster to review the previous decision and rule in your favor.

Attorneys know the law inside and out:

An insurance adjuster may feel that he can simply bully the claimant and simply say no to your claim. An auto accident attorney in Detroit can review your claim, and based on his or her intimate knowledge of the law that applies, determine the denial of compensation was unwarranted. When you threaten to sue the adjuster can take it with a grain of salt, when your attorney makes the same threat and backs it up with the law, the case is usually settled in your favor without the need to go to court.

If your insurance company denies your claim, a knowledgeable auto accident attorney can help you get a favorable result.

If you are having difficulty in settling your insurance claim, a seasoned auto accident attorney in Detroit can usually settle the problem, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. You are welcome to discuss your situation with Thurswell Law and also like our page on Facebook.

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