Why Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney in Kankakee

Being charged with drunk driving can completely change your life if you are not prepared, and do not immediately hire the right legal help. While it is possible to represent yourself in these cases, hiring a drunk driving attorney has a number of benefits and will improve the possibility of your case achieving a good outcome. In addition to understanding the law and regularly defending people that are charged with drunk driving, these attorneys are experts at keeping this charge from ruining their clients’ lives.

They Know the Key Players

A great drunk driving attorney in Kankakee can use their relationships with the police, other lawyers, and judges to your advantage. They will have insider information on the police and will know if they can call into question the qualifications of the officer that performed your sobriety test and blood work. Additionally, they will know if a certain judge is particularly hard on drunk driving cases, and may be able to get you a new judge for your case that will be more lenient.

They Have Experience

Rather than trying to read books and understand the law before your trial or hearing, you can rely on the experience of the drunk driving attorney that you hire. If they specialize in drunk driving cases, they then will have a lot of experience dealing with these cases and will best understand what work needs to be done, papers that need to be filed, and any follow-up that they need to complete.

Don’t take your future into your own hands if you have been charged with drunk driving. The best way to ensure a good outcome and avoid jail time, fines, and losing your license, is to hire an expert attorney to represent you during this difficult time in your life. Visit Godin, Denton, & Elliot PC to learn more about how a great attorney can help you, and to reach out for assistance.

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