X-ray Fluorescence XRF Useful for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

An X-ray fluorescence Xrf study allows a biologist, physicist, chemist or other researcher to learn more about a sample. This type of testing may help with the advancement of learning and the scientific process. When this kind of a test or study is desired, it helps to have quality equipment in place. That kind of equipment needs to be reliable, accurate, precise and safe. Savvy laboratory managers know that the equipment we make at Micro X-ray offers all of those qualities.

Our equipment is used in many types of research. It is ideal for elemental analysis and chemical analysis. Whether you are a museum specialist studying a piece of pottery or stone found in an archaeological dig or you are a forensic anthropologist trying to date a piece of bone and determine its source, our equipment is designed to help you in your research processes. Our micro X-ray machines with fluorescence are also used in the geophysical sciences. From studying the composition of paint or ceramics to learning more about an ancient mural or piece of glass, we help to advance many areas of scientific inquiry.

We understand that the durability of the equipment is essential to your work. We offer full technical support and maintenance for our scientific equipment. The owner’s manual is available in print and online, so you can refer to it any time that you have a question about running a new type of sample or test. Our product specialists are also available on weekdays to assist you with questions or to schedule an equipment maintenance or repair visit.

When you are considering an X-ray fluorescence Xrf for your laboratory, turn to us at Micro X-ray Inc. to learn more. You may also visit us online at http://www.MicroXRay.com to learn more about our equipment and services.

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