Why You Need to Choose the Right Drug Treatment Facility

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Drug Addiction

If you’ve chosen to turn away from using drugs, the first thing that you deserve to hear is “congratulations!” You are now on the path towards developing yourself into a healthier, happier person who is no longer reliant on drugs or other substances. However, before you check into one of the nearest treatment centers in Malibu, there are few things you need to take into consideration:

Not All Centers are Created Equal

Studies examining the effectiveness of drug abuse treatment programs at low-end rehab facilities noted that the rate of relapse among patients was quite high, often reaching 50 percent or more in some instances. This particularly high rate of relapse was determined as being a direct result of failure of the drug abuse treatment programs to sufficiently address the primary reasons patients turned to drugs, and the lack of a sufficient method of relapse prevention once those patients left the program.

Reason for Failure

This failure to add some form of preventive method for relapse has been noted by various researchers as being due to the fact that the preventive programs implemented by the low-end facility had very little in the way of sufficient effectiveness when the origin of the problem is the internal decision-making process of a patient. It was often the case that the rehab facilities failed to teach patients the need to develop their own internal realization, backed by psychological reasoning, when it come to abstaining from drug use.

What Should You Look For

Based on the information provided, you should look for a facility offering programs that focus on helping you develop the proper psychological mindset needed to get over your addiction. It is not enough that the facility weens you off the use of drugs; it is important that you address the reason why you turned to drugs in the first place. If the rehab center you examined does not have these services, it is highly advisable that you seek another facility that has the necessary programs in place to assist you in getting better.

Just like you insist on getting your money’s worth when you go shopping, the same can be said about getting quality rehabilitation for your addiction. Do not settle for inferior quality; select what will actually work for you, instead of choosing potentially inferior options. Make sure that the facility you choose offers the proper physical, psychological, and follow up care to get to the root of your addiction and help you recover on a deeper level.

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