Why Invest in a Waterproof Outdoor Television

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Business

Buying a digital billboard is a great way to market your business and let people know more about what you have to offer. Whether you place the screen behind a window or right outside your premises, the people walking by will definitely turn around to see what you have to offer. However, you can’t use a standard television screen and place it outside. For starters, standard television screens have very limited viewing angles. People outside won’t be able to see what you are displaying.

Moreover, the sunlight makes it difficult to figure out what’s on the screen. Moreover, there are plenty of problems involved in placing a television screen under the open sky. For starters, what will you do in case of rain? Standard television screens will get damaged as soon as they come into contact with water. You need a specific waterproof outdoor television for marketing. Whether you are displaying information or using it for advertising, you will need a specific screen for it. Here are a few advantages of buying a specific screen:


The average television screen won’t last very long under the open sky. However, buying a waterproof screen is a great option, because not only does it last longer, but it also delivers fantastic results. These monitors are designed to be viewable in daylight. They come with AR safety glass in the front that prevents the screen from getting damaged. The panels are covered from each side in order to prevent water from getting onto the screen. In fact, these screens also come with waterproof speakers that allow you to have sound with your advertisements and videos on the screen.

Better Display

The average television screen fails to deliver good picture quality when placed outside. Making sure that your screen is viewable in daylight is very important for adequate marketing purposes. The waterproof outdoor television screen is designed to deliver a top-quality picture even in broad daylight. These screens have a higher brightness rating as compared to ordinary screens. This makes it easy for people to see what’s written and to distinguish different colors on the screen.

There are plenty of additional options installed within the display too. In case the weather gets too hot, there’s a built-in thermostat that automatically shuts the screen off in order to prevent damage. Additionally, some screens are also fitted with heaters, touch screen functions and even built-in computers. This can lead to greater interaction with interested customers. Most companies that sell these televisions also offer warranties in case the screen gets damaged due to some other factor. While they may be more expensive than ordinary screens, waterproof television displays provide amazing video quality too!

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