When Should You Take Your Child to Urgent Care?

by | Sep 4, 2017 | Health

While no parent wants to imagine it, there may come the possibility that your child needs to take a trip to pediatric urgent care. Hundreds of parents must deal with this situation every day. Rather than sitting on pins and needles hoping the situation never happens to you and your family, the important thing is to be as prepared as possible. It will be your responsibility as a parent to recognize when your child’s health is taking a dangerous turn and they may need help from pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad or wherever your local community may be. Here are some telltale signs.

Soft Spot Swelling

This danger sign is most prevalent in newborns, and should be easy to notice as it occurs alongside several other worrying symptoms. One of the most noticeable symptoms, alongside a large knot where your baby’s soft spot should be, is agitation when you hold them. If you find these symptoms occurring in conjunction with each other, you should take your baby to pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad right away. Your baby could have contracted meningitis, an infection that can prove damaging and/or deadly to little ones.

Not Wetting Enough

After birth and setting up a routine, you can start to expect your newborn to wet their diaper a certain amount of times per day. While some days your baby may produce less or more waste, they should stay around a certain number. Keep track of how many times you change your child’s diaper each day, especially if you suspect their output has dropped substantially within the week. While rare, babies can sometimes fail to receive as much fluid as they need. If you find your baby isn’t wetting nearly as much as usual, this is a sign that they may need help from pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad.

If you find your baby needs help from pediatric urgent care in Carlsbad, you can contact Children’s Primary Care Medical Group by calling (858) 502-1177 or visiting their website.

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