When Do You Need A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer?

by | May 18, 2017 | Lawyers

In Georgia, victims of personal injuries have the right to file a claim against a business that has caused their injuries. According to local laws, all businesses must manage their property and control risks. If they don’t manage risks inside their property, they are liable for any injuries that occur. The following is a review of when local residents need a slip and fall accident lawyer.

Accidents Inside Shopping Centers

Shopping centers can present a serious risk to consumers if the owner doesn’t mitigate risks on a daily basis. In these establishments, the likelihood of a slip and fall accident is higher due to the volume of visitors that enter the property each day. The owner must manage structural damage that could lead to a fall as well as maintain a clean space to lower these risks.

Accidents Associated with Local Businesses

Local businesses must avoid building code violations by acquiring repairs as directed by local building codes and OSHA regulations. They must conduct inspections to ensure that all building code violations are addressed before allowing anyone inside the building. If a customer falls inside their business, they are responsible for the treatment of the customer’s injuries.

Parking Lot Accidents

All parking lots must be maintained as well. Any damage to the parking lot can present the probability of an accident. These accidents may involve automobiles or pedestrians. These circumstances make the owner liable based on where the accident occurred. If it occurs anywhere inside the property lines, the owner is liable.

Environmental Accidents Due to Catastrophes

Any environmental risks to local residents must also be managed properly. When an oil spill happens, the company that is liable must prevent access to this area. If they fail and a resident is injured, they are required to cover medical expenses associated with these injuries.

In Georgia, victims of slip and fall injuries file claims against the property owner in most cases. These failures to provide an adequate duty to all visitors can lead to serious allegations and financial settlements. Victims of these accidents contact a slip and fall accident lawyer by visiting Edwardsandbullardlaw.com today. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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