What to Look for in an Industrial Metal Supply Company

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Business

A full-service fabricator and distributor of metal can easily provide for you the metal products your business needs. These include minor steel fabrication pieces or even large structural steel pieces. A few tips below can help you choose the best industrial metal supply company in San Diego.

Ask metal fabrication companies about their level of experience in this complex field. Choose a company that has solid expertise with many different sizes and types of metal projects. The company’s staff should be experienced in fabricating products such as conveyors, pipe supports and skid weldments. Other top-level companies know how to create service platforms, stairs, ladders, rebar cages and hoppers. Also, be sure to choose a company with knowledge of catwalk fabrication, pipe fabrication, stainless steel fabrication and structural steel framing.

You can expect in-house detailing teams at companies offering services in industrial metal supply. San Diego teams that are top-rated use powerful tools such as Tekla 3-D Modeling and AutoCAD to document all designs according to their clients’ requirements. Be sure to choose a company whose detailing team will work closely with you, discussing your needs and making sure that the transition from construction drawings to detail fabrication drawings remains smooth.

Automation Equipment
Select a metal fabricator who has state-of-the-art automation equipment designed to meet your unique needs. The best equipment includes an integrated computer numerical control, or CNC, inline drill, coping unit and saw. This type of unit stands out because it easily processes angles, channels, beams and sections with either large or small dimensions. As a result, you can expect the shop drawings you approve to be easily transformed into a product without error.

Other Top Quality Equipment
Other types of equipment to look for including a plasma cutter, plate Shearer and fully automatic horizontal band saw. Leading industry companies also use a hydraulic press brake and high-capacity forklifts and cranes to get the job done efficiently – all in an effort to process and deliver the types of steel products you need, where and when you need them in California, no matter how tight your deadline may be.

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