What Are The Benefits Of Contractor Insurance In Kyle, TX?

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Insurance

In Texas, independent contractors face a wide array of instances that could damage their credibility. These contractors perform a multitude of services for local and distant customers. In most instances, these contractors work alone. This could lead them to face serious complexities alone. The following are benefits associated with Contractor Insurance in Kyle TX.

Assistance with Litigation

The liability coverage obtained through these policies provides assistance if the contractor faces litigation. It helps cover the cost of legal fees and provides them with an attorney. The insurance helps to mitigate financial risks associated with injuries, contractual obligations, and failures. It provides help to lower the full impact of a lawsuit settlement.

Liability Coverage for Workers

If the contractor hires workers to assist with daily operations, they need liability coverage for these workers. They need worker’s compensation coverage in addition to common liability coverage. This insurance provides them with help that pays for the medical expenses for the workers. The policy also provides monetary benefits to provide the workers with financial support during their recovery. It typically provides them with 60% of the worker’s wages.

Individual Health Insurance

Contractors will need to acquire their own health care coverage as well. An insurer provides these contractors with health benefits that help them manage their health-related expenses. This includes ongoing treatments, surgeries, and corrective procedures. The contractor may also acquire options for dental and vision coverage in addition to standard coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If the contractor uses a vehicle for work, they will need commercial auto insurance. The policy pays expenses associated with car accidents. However, the policy restricts coverage to business hours. It will not provide coverage for accidents that occurred if the contractor wasn’t working during the time of the accident.

In Texas, independent contractors face a collection of liabilities and risks each day. They must acquire coverage for the unexpected. These events could include sudden property damage or injuries. These events could be associated with construction services and premises liabilities. They also include worker-related injuries. Contractors who need to obtain Contractor Insurance in Kyle TX contact Perdue Insurance Group or visit the website for more information.

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