Visit Philadelphia Physical Therapists to Overcome Trauma Injuries

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Physical Therapy

After an accident or an injury, you should consider working with Philadelphia physical therapists. Philadelphia physical therapists can not only assist you with tissue desensitization and kenesio taping, but they are able to help your fitness levels to boost once more. The more active you become, the better your blood pressure and heart rate, which could effectively transform your life longevity. Learn about the common exercises and techniques that Philadelphia physical therapists can assist you with, so that you can overcome back pain, neck pain and musculoskeletal conditions.

Philadelphia Physical Therapists Foster Core Stabilization

Philadelphia physical therapists will help you with core stabilization, which is effectively a technique to strengthen the structures of the spine. Following a car accident or an illness that has weakened your muscles and impacted your ability to exercise, it is probable that you will not be as stable as you once were. This is where Philadelphia physical therapists can help, as core stabilization enhances balance when standing still and moving. Low back pain sufferers and people dealing with tendon injury can benefit from the services supplied by Philadelphia physical therapists. An examination will help the therapist to conclude which services would be most appropriate.

Philadelphia Physical Therapists Foster Soft Tissue Mobilization

Another way that Philadelphia physical therapists can help will be through soft tissue mobilization. The last 20 years have seen a major increase in this therapy and this will be performed by Philadelphia physical therapists following scar formation. Generally, surgery can result in tissues forming at the area of injury. While the purpose of this is to shield you from harmful effects, the harder the tissue becomes, the less mobility you may have. The build-up of scar tissue can cause major discomfort for the recovering individual. Philadelphia physical therapists use soft tissue mobilization to fix this by breaking down scars and tissue with manual pressure.

Philadelphia Physical Therapists Aid in Scar Management

Physical therapists in Philadelphia are aware that when tissue forms to create a scar, there is a possibility of experiencing even more pain than before the healing process. This is why Philadelphia physical therapists are practicing scar management. Focus is aimed at wound support, skin hydration and scar maturity. Some products may be used to repair scar surface tissue or to moisturize it, which ultimately makes it less noticeable. Managing the way that a scar looks with scar management from Philadelphia physical therapists will not only halt any infections, but it could boost your confidence levels too.


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