Using Vet Care in Gaithersburg MD When Using A Boarding Facility

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Veterinarians

When someone needs to go on a business trip, they will need to find someone to take care of their dog or cat while they are away. Many people find that bringing their pet to a boarding facility is a great way to obtain the proper care needed for their pet during this time. Here are some of the benefits one would have in bringing their dog or cat to one of these facilities instead of having someone come to their home to care for the animal.

Around The Clock Vet Care

When a pet stays at a boarding facility, their owner will have the peace of mind knowing someone is available to provide vet care in Gaithersburg MD 24 hours a day. If the pet has a medical emergency, an on-call veterinarian would be available to take the necessary steps in giving the right medical attention for the pet at this time. Staff will handle the administering of medication for the pet as needed as well.

Social Time With People And Other Pets

When a pet stays in a boarding facility, it will be around other animals and people throughout the stay. Those that have attention regularly are less likely to become depressed when their owners are away. If a pet does not get along with other animals, it will be able to stay in an individual caged area. Staff will be sure to give all pets on the premise plenty of petting and talking time so they feel more at ease while staying there.

Grooming Services For Pampering Time

When a dog or cats stays at a boarding facility, it has the opportunity to be pampered an on-site grooming service. The groomer will take care of clipping long nails, washing and drying fur, and cleaning the teeth if desired. The person going way can ask for this service when signing up their pet for a stay at the boarding facility.

Finding a boarding service that offers premiere Vet Care Gaithersburg MD is extremely important, especially for pets with known medical problems. Call The Groomery to find out more about their facility and to schedule a walk-through if desired.

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