Upgrading Your Hot Water Heater in Rockland County, NY

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Plumbing

Hot water is an important aspect of modern-day living. The hot water is provided by a home water heater, and the effectiveness and capacities of these water heaters have grown exponentially over the years. However, there are a great many homes in the Rockland County area that are still using older water heaters. These heaters may work well enough, but they may not be as effective or efficient as newer units. That’s why, if a homeowner is considering a new Hot Water Heater in Rockland County NY, it will be important to choose the right water heater.

In the past, the only option was to choose different types of standard tank water heaters. These different options meant whether the system was going to be powered by electricity or natural gas. Today, a new option is growing in popularity: tankless water heaters.

The first reason for their popularity is that tankless water heaters offer more hot water than a standard, tank-based water heater can provide. In addition, they are more energy efficient. Whether the system uses natural gas or electricity, these hot water heaters will require less energy than a standard water heater with the tank design.

They are also easier to repair. For a standard water heater, a pilot light ignition assembly or electric heating element that was faulty could be replaced. However, if the tank on a standard Hot Water Heater in Rockland County NY became corroded and started to leak, the entire unit would need to be replaced. There would be no fixing the tank. Because most aspects of a tankless water heater are exposed, virtually every component on this water heater can be repaired rather than one vital system breaking down and requiring the entire unit to be replaced.

These sorts of tankless heaters come in different capacities to provide higher levels of hot water to a home. That’s why, to determine what type of unit is going to be right for your home if you’re considering a tankless system, speaking to the experts at Ramapowholesalers.com is a great option. They have experience with these water heaters, can determine the need your home has for hot water, and help you to choose the right system.

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