Tips To Find A Peoria AZ Property Manager (PM)

If you’re like most landlords, you quickly have come to realize that you can’t handle the job of managing your properties on your own. You may have other employment obligations or may have a large complex and can’t get to everything in one day. You may live far away from the building and not be able to travel. Whatever the reasons, finding a Peoria AZ property manager may be the best option, but there are many available options, and it can be tough to decide.

Their Software/Reporting Options

Automation is everywhere, and if the PM you’re considering is still using pen, paper and calculators, it may be time to upgrade or turn them down. You want someone who understands that management tools can and will make their lives (and yours) easier. When interviewing PMs, make sure you request samples of their reports and make sure they’ll be able to provide reports that you deem necessary.

You’ll also want a commitment from the Peoria AZ property manager that your reports are provided to you within the first week of the new month. You can have this included in the contract that they sign. You can also include that your rent portions are paid at the same time to make everything easier and timed.

Maintenance And Fees

While most PMs will include maintenance as part of their job description, it’s best to make sure and have it included in the contract. However, you should know how they handle maintenance issues. Most managers will allow themselves a loophole that allows them to spend a little of your money without requesting permission. This is normal and an excellent way to do things, but you can set the dollar limit. It’s usually best not to go over $200. They can always contact you for the go-ahead if the repair costs more, but you can decide if a cheaper fix is possible.

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