Tips For Getting the Best Flavor From Your Electronic Cigarette Refill

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Shopping

As you quickly find out when you start vaping, there is a right and wrong way to go about your electronic cigarette refill. If you are new to vaping or have been trying things out without a lot of success, here are some quick tips that can really help you get the most out of the e-liquid of your choosing.

Nicotine Juice Needs to Steep

With the juice for an electronic cigarette refill made to be bottled and sold on an ongoing basis, it is best to allow the e-juice to age and develop. This is not always necessary with every brand and with every flavor, but by allowing the juice just to sit in a dark drawer or cupboard for about a week you may notice the flavors really come together, leading to a better vaping experience.

Cleaning Your Atomizer

With every electronic cigarette refill, be sure to completely clean the atomizer. This is doubly true if you are switching flavors or trying out a different brand. You should do this even if you are staying with the same flavor profile, say a berry-flavored e-juice, as different manufacturers have different subtle notes and flavors that make up big differences in the overall experience.

Ghosting, or having an underlying taste of the last e-juice used, can sometimes lead to a great vaping experience, but more often than not it makes the vapor taste worse.

Avoid Exposing Nicotine Juice to Sunlight and Heat or Cold

While any electronic cigarette refill is stable, flavors can degrade with exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold. Keeping your e-juice on the dash of your car or truck is a prime example of a storage option that will degrade your e-juices and lead to unpleasant flavors.

Don’t Overfill

Another common mistake newbies make with their electronic cigarette refill is to use too much of the e-liquid in the cartridge or atomizer. You will find that if there is too much liquid present the vapor will not develop properly and there will be a lower quality of taste.

You can clean out the cartridge of the atomizer if you do overfill your electronic cigarette refill by removing the atomizer or cartridge and swinging the e-cigarette, which you hold by the battery, down towards the ground. This will force the liquid to move out of the e-cig, restoring a great vaping experience.

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