Three Important Signs Of Basement Leakage

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Water or dampness in the basement is often caused by serious foundation problems, so homeowners should have repairs done right away. Foundation issues often cause cracks in the walls and floors, which lead to Basement Leakage. Read the information below to learn about three signs that are an indication of water in the basement.

Water In The Basement Floor

While this may seem like an obvious sign, many homeowners don’t realize the significance of water in their basement. After a rain, homeowners should inspect their basement and look for areas that are wet or leaking. This can help determine the source of the leak and the reason why the basement is leaking. If there are cracks in the basement walls, homeowners may notice water running down the walls and pooling underneath the crack.

Mildew Odor

Another unmistakable sign of water in the basement is the odor of mildew on objects that are stored in the basement. Homeowners can smell an article of clothing or a book and quickly tell if there’s a mildew problem in the basement. When this odor penetrates clothing or other items, the odor can be very difficult to remove. It’s not uncommon for individuals to throw these items away because of the offensive odor. The odor will only get worse unless the foundation is repaired and the cracks are sealed tight.

Mold Growth

When homeowners smell mildew, mold is most likely already growing inside the basement too. Mold is most often found along the bottom area of the walls and as it grows it will spread upwards. Mold will also grow on books, furniture and anything else that’s inside the basement. Mold spores release into the air and when this occurs, individuals can easily breathe the spores into their lungs and this can cause health problems for individuals. Homeowners who suspect their basement is leaking should call a professional company that specializes in Basement Leakage. After a thorough inspection, a technician will recommend a solution for the leaky basement.

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