The Trusted Drain Cleaning Contractor in Southampton PA

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Plumbing and Plumbers

When you have a clogged drain you need to have a reliable drain cleaning contractor in Southampton PA that you can depend on for fast service. A lot of people make the critical mistake of trying to deal with the clog on their own. There are three things that you want to avoid when you have a clogged drain that are typically the three things that people do when they have a clogged drain.

What to Avoid

There are three things that you never want to do to your pipes on your own. DIY’ing a clog can leave you with a bigger mess than you started with. Avoid these three things:

1. Chemicals
2. Rotor snakes
3. Shoving anything else down the drain

OTC Chemicals

There is relatively easy access to chemicals that you can use on your clog but the fact is they can be dangerous, very dangerous. Using chemicals to clear a drain can mean injuries to you and your family, damage to the pipes and a threat to the environment. A trusted drain cleaning contractor in Southampton PA has the training to handle your clog without risk. Many times chemicals that are meant to unclog a drain can actually back it up further.

Rotor Snakes

Electric snakes or even hand cranked drain cleaning snakes can pierce your pipes if they are not used correctly. It is something that you should leave up to the pros. Unless you have plumbing experience gauging the stability of the pipe can be difficult and it can be easy to just poke a hole right in it.

Other Remedies

It is not a good idea to pour anything or poke anything down the drain. You could make the problem much worse. Call the pro’s at Horizon Services, they will be there right away to get your drain moving right along!

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