The Process Involved With Installing Trailer Hitches In North Dakota

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Automotive

A trailer hitch allows a driver to pull a camper, boat, or just about any other item behind them safely and legally. Most vehicles do not come with a hitch from the factory, which means most vehicle owners have to install an aftermarket version to be able to use their truck as a method of hauling large items. It may seem easy, but the process is quite complicated and requires the use of specialized tools and a minimum of two people to help with the process.

Hitch Site Preparation

It is important to research the vehicle before buying Trailer Hitches in North Dakota, as most have modern cars do not work with a universal hitch package. Be sure to refer to the owners manual to ensure a hitch can be safely installed and what the manufacturer of the vehicle recommends. Once the proper hitch has been purchased, simply remove any spare tires that may be in the way of installation and ensure the area is clean and free of any debris that will prevent the hitch from being properly mounted.

Attaching The Mounting Bracket

The next step is to secure the mounting bracket to the body of the vehicle. Most come with the mounting holes pre-drilled which make the process easier, but be sure to have at least two people for this step as the hitch mounting plate can weight as much as 70 pounds and will need to be held in place until secured. Once positioned correctly, simply insert the mounting bolts and tighten them using an air wrench.

Securing The Hitch

The last step is to attach the Trailer Hitches in North Dakota to the mounting bracket. As with installing the mounting plate, be sure to have an extra person on hand who can hold the hitch in place. Secure it using both the bolts and the pin assembly, making sure to tighten the bolts all the way without stripping them. Once completed, insert the ball assembly into the hitch and the vehicle is ready to tow.

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