The Possibility of Steep Penalties Highlights the Need for DUI Attorneys in Mankato, MN

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Lawyers

Even when a person has only been convicted of one intoxicated driving offense, a Minnesota judge has the discretion to impose a harsher sentence than the minimum required by law. That can result in a jail sentence of up to 90 days and a fine of $1,000. For this reason, hiring DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN for aggressive defense is essential. The individual does not want to make any missteps that would lead a judge to levy this type of penalty.

Judges in Minnesota have the discretion to add even more penalties to this harsh sentence. They might require a term of community service, for example. Community service is preferable to jail time, but it is often unpleasant. It might require picking up litter with a group on very hot days, for example. The person might be sentenced to a full year of probation with the requirement not to drink alcohol during this time. Random testing would confirm whether or not the person is complying. Not complying could result in even more jail time. Minnesota takes intoxicated driving very seriously, and judges are trusted with making decisions about each offender’s character and willingness to never drink and drive again.

DUI attorneys in Mankato, MN can vouch for a client’s good character in several ways. They may have character witnesses appear in court or write a letter. Those witnesses might include respected individuals such as religious clergy, teachers and supervisors at the person’s place of employment. The lawyer can impress the judge with the client’s previous good behavior and no prior criminal history. Any suitable credentials can be documented, such as stability in employment, business ownership, membership in a religious organization and volunteer work.

In certain circumstances, the State of Minnesota allows persons charged with DUI to plea bargain this charge to a lesser one, such as reckless driving. The client must not receive another DUI charge within a specified number of years or the original plea bargain will be reversed. Typically, an attorney with a firm like Blatz Law Office, Ltd. is crucial for success in this process. Visit for more information on this organization.

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