The First Few Days Of Alcohol Rehab In Utah

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Healthcare

Every treatment facility offering alcohol rehab in Utah will provide a slightly different program, but they will all be developed on researched based evidence and best practices. How each program provides services for clients of the first few days often depends on the client, on the challenges posed by individual detoxification process, and on any concurrent medical or mental health conditions present.

First, it is important to realize that any of the top programs for alcohol rehab in Utah understand that addiction is not about willpower or personal choices; it is a medical condition that can be treated. Top programs work to support the individual to make changes in life, learn how to cope without relapsing, and to gain an understanding on alcoholism to move forward in their life of sobriety.

No Blame
Many people going into alcohol rehab in Utah assume that they will be seen by the staff as “bad people” or those that have chosen to use alcohol as an easy way to deal with life’s problems. Sometimes this information has been repeated within the family and by partners, spouses and loved ones, creating a very negative sense of self-confidence and self-worth.

In your first few days of treatment, even though you are experiencing the challenges of withdrawals and detox, you will find that you are encouraged, supported and assisted by the staff. They aren’t there to blame or accuse; they are there to help you to move forward in creating the life that you want.

Settling In
For many patients that have a history of long term addiction the structure, routine and personal accountability of treatment can be a real change. By setting yourself up to follow the program and schedule and to ask for help when you need it this adjustment will be much easier and will provide structure and stability to your time.

In addition you will typically be monitored medically and provided with medical assistance through the first few days of detox. You will also immediately start to learn about nutritional choices, the benefit of rest in your recovery, as well as starting both individual and group counseling.

At Alpine Recovery Lodge we are here to help you to achieve the life goals that you set. Our staff is empathetic and supportive while also providing you with the therapeutic services that are proven to help with alcohol recovery.

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