The Benefits of Switching to Organic Food

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Health, Healthcare

You may have passed an organic food store in Salt Lake City and wondered what ‘organic’ really means. Simply put, it’s a more natural way of producing food, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Below are just some of the reasons that switching to organic produce is better for both you and the environment.

Fewer Chemicals

Conventional farming makes heavy use of synthetic pesticides, which remain on the crops all the way to your table. Long-term exposure to these chemicals may have adverse effects, such as a weakened immune system or even an increased risk of cancer. Organic farms use only natural pesticides, which contain far fewer potential toxins.

More Vitamins

Due to the way in which the soil on organic farms is managed, the crops they produce are generally higher in vitamins and minerals than similar produce from conventional farms.

Happier Animals

Animals that we use for dairy and eggs are often kept indoors year-round, in cramped and unpleasant conditions. Not only is this an unhappy existence for the animals, but it may also affect their produce. Organic farmers allow their animals access to the outdoors during the day, resulting in happier, healthier animals that produce better-quality products.

Less Environmental Impact

Organic farming reduces negative effects on the environment in a variety of ways. Avoiding the use of toxic chemicals prevents the contamination of both the soil and local water sources, as well as having less of an impact on local wildlife. There is even the potential for a reduction in carbon emissions as organic food is often locally produced, resulting in less transport required to get it to your table.

If you’d like to make the switch to eating organic, go ahead and visit your nearest organic food store in Salt Lake City to see the wide variety of natural, healthy food they have available.

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