The Advantage of Professional Teeth Whitening in Sayreville

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Dental Health

The affordability and popularity of home whitening kits is a vital factor in why many people choose them, but your teeth can benefit much more from professional whitening. Professional whitening is more expensive, but worth every penny once you see the results. The following is a list of advantages that come along with professional Teeth Whitening in Sayreville.

Fast Results

Many people will eventually give up on home whitening kits due to the amount of time it takes to see any results. Generally, it takes anywhere from two to four weeks before you notice a change in the whiteness of your teeth and even then it is a small change. If you lack the patience for the wait that comes along with at home treatments, you will definitely be better suited for a professional treatment. Professional treatments can garner noticeable whitening results in as little as an hour and in some cases sooner than that. The immediate results is a major reason why most people opt for a professional teeth whitening in Sayreville versus an at home kit.

More Whitening Power

A professional dentist has access to much stronger whitening chemicals than you can get over the counter. In most cases, the hydrogen peroxide available over the counter is three percent strength, while the hydrogen peroxide available to a dentist is 35 percent strength. The stronger chemicals will produce much whiter teeth and will be able to cut through dark staining that you may have on your teeth.

Knowledgeable Application

One of the most severe side effects of using at home whitening kits is the heightened sensitivity you experience in your teeth after the application. Usually, this side effect is due to improper application that leads to direct contact with your gums or tongue. By having a professional perform your Teeth Whitening in Sayreville, you can avoid these painful side effects.

The professional staff at Allied Dental of Old Bridge is more than capable of helping you with your whitening or Cosmetic Dentistry needs. They use a variety of whitening techniques to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the results of the procedure. You can call them today and schedule a consultation to assess if you are eligible for teeth whitening.

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