Some Facts About the Abortion Pill Approved in Chicago

by | May 15, 2013 | Health

The abortion pill that has been approved for use in Chicago is also known as medication abortion. The Abortion Pill Chicago clinics where a woman can get this pill say that the pill is safe, effective, and a better way to end an unwanted early pregnancy. The pill is available to be taken up to nine weeks into a pregnancy and there are five health centers in the area that have this method of abortion as an alternative to a traditional procedure.

Abortion Pill Chicago clinics stress that to get an abortion pill it has to be done in the first nine weeks of the pregnancy; any woman going over that date will have to have a traditional in clinic abortion instead. The pill is said to be effective in 97 out of every 100 abortions that it has been used for, and is much safer than a traditional abortion because it is non-invasive. If however, the abortion pill does not work the woman needs to know that there can be severe birth defects if an aspiration abortion is not performed to end the pregnancy at that point.

Before deciding to take the abortion pill women need to weigh all of their options, as there is no going back once the medication is in the patients system. Once the patient has discussed the options and given the medical professional a medical history labs will be run, a physical exam will be given, and the paperwork will be signed.

The medical abortion pill process is one that begins as soon as the pill is swallowed. The process has three steps; taking the pill, taking a second medicine called Misoprostol, and a follow-up appointment. Effects of taking the abortion pill are the same as having an early miscarriage. It is normal to have strong cramping and bleeding during the process. The woman may also feel some dizziness and nausea; along with some diarrhea and a slight fever. The best thing to take to relieve discomfort is Tylenol. It is also advised that you have a loved one with you after you take the abortion pill, for comfort and support in a time that may be difficult for all concerned.


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