Should You Repair or Replace Your Wooden Fence?

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Fences

Depending on the type of wood used, the normal life span of a fence can range anywhere from 20-50 years. Natural elements can take a toll on your fence; harsh weather conditions, moisture from the changing of the season, and strong winds play a factor in how long your fence will last. Looking out at your aging fence, you know you need to make some updates. Do you need to replace your fence, or can you get by another year with a minor fence repair in Chicago? Eventually, all fences need to be replaced, or at the very least repaired, even when properly maintained. In either case, it’s best to consult a trained professional. Fencing contractors can assess the situation and provide you with honest and informative information. To repair, or to replace? That is the question – now here are some great tips to help make your decision easier.

Easy Repairs

Over time, you have noticed changes to your fence. While the changes are small you want to make sure they are not affecting the overall structure. Wood is a natural element and, therefore, will need some maintenance along the way to preserve integrity of your fence. If there is no structural damage, you can proceed with repairs. It is normal to have some discoloration, small holes, and cracks in the wood. Discoloration is a natural progression. A common repair would be to strip the old sealant and apply a wood protectant stain; this can add a few more years and update the general look of your fence. For minor cracks and splintering of the wood, use wood filler and putty to seal the areas. When working with small issues, you can get away with making repairs to extend the life of your fence.

It Might Be Time to Replace Your Fence.

When you start to notice major structural issues, the time to replace your fence has come. Structural issues can include missing pickets or even large sections of missing panels. Older wooden fences can start to lean and begin falling apart. If you notice any of these signs, you know it’s time to consult a professional to have a new fence installed. No matter what you do, the overall the structure of the fence has been affected. Even more than the esthetic issues, your fence could case potential dangers to you and your family, creating an unsafe environment.

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