Seeking Car Brake Repair Shops in White Bear Lake MN For Imports

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Automotive

An imported car represents the finest engineering to be found in the automotive market. Thousands of parts, machined to precise measures and tolerances, and incorporating the latest technology, come together into one fine driving instrument. It follows that the maintenance and repair for such vehicles should be handled by specially trained and certified mechanics educated in the complexities of foreign models. Such expertise is particularly important where the braking systems are concerned.

Not all Car Brake Repair Shops in White Bear Lake MN are equipped and staffed for work on imported automobiles. But there are a select few which do have the expertise and tooling on hand to tackle the job for a Honda, a BMW, a Jaguar or any other import. A certified Bosch Service Center is the shop of choice for owners of imports. Why? Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers for original and replacement parts for foreign brands, and they supply automakers worldwide. The automotive repair centers which carry a Bosch certification must meet stringent standards for training of personnel, equipment and facility requirements to qualify. They are independently owned businesses which are part of a network of service centers offering guaranteed expertise and a high quality of work to customers.

When it comes to brake maintenance and repair, those car brake repair shops in White Bear Lake MN which carry the Bosch certification will carry out a full service checkout of the braking system, from master cylinder inspection, line bleeding, inspection of all wheel cylinders and rotors, calipers, drums and brake shoes. Computer diagnostics can measure line pressure and response of the brake components during a test to identify any problem no matter how minor during a given service inspection. Mechanics then proceed to perform simple maintenance as well as repair or replacement of worn parts. A final post-service inspection is then carried out. When the customer gets the car back, he or she is assured that the brakes are performing to factory standard the same as the day the vehicle was first driven off the lot.

American Imports performs free warranty service as an authorized Bosch Car Service Center on all Bosch-manufactured components in your import. Browse their website for the services they have on offer.

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