See the Professionals for Akia in Oahu, HI and Much More

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Landscaping

If you want some of the most beautiful plants in the world and you have a preference for shrubs and other vegetation that thrive in Hawaii, you might want to talk to specialists who offer Akia and many other selections from the world’s largest nursery for native Hawaiian plants. This is found throughout the state and is one of the most-used native shrubs in landscaping on the islands.

Rare Beauty

Professionals who offer Akia in Oahu, HI understand that the plant is actually rare in the wild and found only in certain dry, open areas that have not been disturbed by human or other activity. Yet, they are able to maintain this excellent plant and offer it to valued customers who enjoy the color and the small, yellow flowers that develop into orange and red fruits. These blooms give off a distinct, musky scent that’s quite noticeable from a distance, especially in the evening.

If you’d like to know more about the array of beautiful native Hawaiian plants offered, visit to view some of the varieties among 100 different species along with many other introduced species. You should talk to a member of the staff about wholesale or retail sales, gift baskets, centerpieces and plant rental.


When you talk to a representative about the specific plants you’re interested in, including Akia, be sure to discuss the excellent landscaping services available. You can arrange for a culturally designed garden, hydro-seeding, tree trimming, installation of irrigation, rain gardens, land clearing, Xeriscaping, and ecoscapes designed and installed with a focus on the protecting and preserving the environment.

You’d also be wise to discuss habitat restoration, which can help rehabilitate native habitats degraded over time. Arrange for expert removal of invasive alien species, site preparation, and maintenance of your ongoing project. Work with specialists in native plant care and sales.

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