Save Money with Roof Restorations in Nassau County NY

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Roofing

Roof replacement is expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. There are times when replacement is absolutely necessary for safety and function. Severe damage can compromise the strength of protective layers. An old roof may cost more money to repair than to replace. Excessive water damage can make the roof unsafe by increasing the possibility of it collapsing inward.

In many cases, complicated repairs or roof restorations in Nassau County NY can prolong the life of the roof. These solutions may not be cheap, but will definitely save money over the costs of tearing off and replacing the entire roof. Free consultations are offered to determine the extent of the damage and explore all the options that are feasible.


There are dozens of coatings that are designed to restore roofs. Which one to use depends on the type of roof and the problem. A coating is available to waterproof flat roofs, while another is manufactured to patch up metal roofs. Coatings can seal leaks, block the heat of the sun, add texture for safety, and fill in worn areas.


Companies that specialize in repairs over replacement offer innovative solutions to different issues. Storm damage that takes off a large section of shingles can be corrected by re-applying shingles to that one portion. Leaks can be stopped with ice and water barriers. Flat roofs can be kept dry with the installation of roof hatches or drains.


A popular option for Roof Restorations in Nassau County NY is re-roofing. Protective layers are placed on top of the existing roof, and the new roofing material is put down on top of that. There are building codes and regulations that dictate some restrictions.

Typically, no more than two re-roofing projects can be installed one any one roof. Permits are required before re-roofing can commence. That is to ensure the weight can be supported by the roof framing.

Another option is restoring the roof by supporting it from the inside. Adding extra trusses can prevent a roof from sagging. Replacing damaged insulation in the attic will avoid excess moisture from remaining on the roof top. Check out to discover alternatives to roof replacement.

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