Reviewing Opportunities With A Vehicle Insurance Agent In Tomball

by | Aug 16, 2017 | Insurance

In Texas, all auto owners follow a state mandate that requires them to have at least auto liability coverage. The coverage provides assistance after an auto accident occurs. It provides payment for the victim to cover medical expenses and repair costs. However, the owner must be deemed at fault. A Vehicle Insurance Agent in Tomball provides additional information to local auto owners.

What is the Required Insurance Coverage?

The current requirements for the state start with $30,000 for the first injuries that happen in an auto accident. The maximum requirement for the coverage is $60,000. It should also offer at least $25,000 in payments for property damage.

What Happens if the Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance?

The owner faces serious fines if they don’t comply with the law and purchase at least liability coverage. The fines can range from $200 to $500 depending on the total number of convictions incurred by the auto owner. In addition, they could lose their driver’s license and vehicle registration. In some instances, the state can impound the vehicle. However, these extreme measures aren’t utilized unless the owner has been convicted of the offence more than twice.

How Can the Owner Acquire Discounts?

The two most basic options for acquiring a discount are adding multiple automobiles to the policy and increasing the deductible. Next, they acquire discounts for teen drivers if the teen maintains a high grade point average. If all drivers maintain a safe driving record, this also provides the policyholder with discounts. Drivers receive a discount when they reach 25 and 60.

Additional Services Available With Some Policies

Select policies provide roadside assistance. This is helpful whenever the driver has a flat tire or engine trouble. This provides them with coverage for towing services as well. They may also have the option for a rental car when their vehicle is in the shop.

In Texas, all auto owners must purchase at least auto liability coverage to comply with state laws. They have the option to purchase higher coverage if they prefer. Auto owners who need more answers are encouraged to contact a Vehicle Insurance Agent in Tomball or Browse our website for further details.

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