Reviewing All Angles With An Auto Accident Lawyer In Loves Park, Illinois

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Lawyers

In Illinois, auto accidents are caused by a sequence of events. It is each step of the process that defines how severely the victims are injured. Each underlying factor defines when either party had a split second choice to change the outcome. A full investigation of the auto accident identifies the split second choices and how they produced an accident. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Loves Park Illinois assists in these endeavors to start a legal claim.

How Comparative Fault Works

Comparative fault defines the blame of another party. The ruling shows that the other party committed a moving violation. Any moving violation that contributes to the accident must be examined in the legal claim. The judge reduces the victim’s award based on the percentage assigned to the moving violation.

Criminal Acts in Auto Accidents

Criminal acts associated with auto accidents are also examined. A DUI is the most serious of these offenses. The effects of the DUI contributed to the driver’s poor judgment. Alcohol and controlled substances prevent them from making split second choices correctly. These failures can also lead to a fatality.

Non-Compliance with Insurance Laws

Lawsuits are avoided if the at-fault driver has insurance. The minimum requirements for the state define auto liability has the least amount of coverage that is acceptable. The policy must provide at least $20,000 for the first victim. It provides a maximum of $40,000 for multiple victims. It should also offer $15,000 for property damage. Non-compliance with insurance laws can reduce accept to benefits for victims. This leads to financial losses that present the opportunity for a legal claim.

Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death cases are based on split second choices in auto accidents. The cases are based on negligence, wrongful acts, and default. The at-fault driver faces the claims when the victim died because of their accident injuries. The family’s financial losses are included in the claim.

In Illinois, auto accidents present access to legal actions. Victims who suffered a loss due to injuries or property damage use the legal actions to collect compensation. When the claim starts, the underlying factors are assessed. Victims who need to discuss their case with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Loves Park Illinois Visit the site for more information today.

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