Repairing A Fluorescent Light And Fluorescent Light Holder

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Lamp Repair Service

Unless you routinely work on fluorescent lighting, choosing the right parts for a light which needs repair can be a bit of an overwhelming task. The good news is with just a bit of knowledge about fluorescent systems you can find everything from the right fluorescent light holder to the correct lamp for your fixture.

The key to keep in mind when choosing a fluorescent light holder or lamp is the difference in design, size, and types of fluorescent systems out there. Different types of light fixtures from small to large will use different types of bulbs, also known as lamps, as well as different sockets, ballasts and parts.

First Steps

The fluorescent light holder, or the base that contains the socket the lamp plugs into, is known as the ballast. The lamp, or tube, is filled with mercury vapor and, is coated with phosphors which are activated when electricity passes from the ballast through the lamp.

When the electrical current is not consistent or when something is affecting the electrical current, such as damage to the fluorescent light holder or socket, the bulb will flicker on and off, or be very slow to light up. This can also be caused by damage or corrosion on the pins, the metal parts sticking out of the lamp that fit into the socket. The lamp itself can also burn out over time, although these lamps typically last much longer than incandescent light bulbs, making them a very cost-effective option for heavy use situations.

Quick Fixes

In some situations, you may be able to avoid replacing the fluorescent light holder by simply switching the tube end for end. This will usually work if you notice a dark band at one end but not at the other.

You can also remove the tube, or lamp, and clean off the pins with a very fine sandpaper. If you notice difficulty in replacing the lamp or the fluorescent light holder doesn’t seem to click the lamp into place it may need to be replaced.

You can order the fluorescent light holder online and do it yourself, or an electrician can replace it for you. This is a simple repair, but it doesn’t correct the problem you may need to replace the ballast or, in an older style of fluorescent, you may need to replace the starter.

If you need assistance with fluorescent light holder options or parts for fluorescent fixtures, give us a call at HH Fluorescent Parts, Inc.

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