Reasons to Get a Tooth Implant in Ann Arbor, MI

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Dental Health

Everybody wants a beautiful and healthy smile, and missing teeth impact more than just a dental patient’s confidence. Depending on its location, even one missing tooth can end up impacting a patient’s ability to chew, their speech patterns, and more. A matter of only decades ago the only solution was impractical dentures. Today’s technologies provide a better option: placing a Tooth Implant in Ann Arbor MI. The procedure has become quite common as necessary technologies improve and associated prices drop. Those who are uncertain about the idea of undergoing oral surgery should take a quick look at this short selection of associated benefits before ruling it out.

Find a Permanent Solution

With proper care, a tooth implant in Ann Arbor, MI will last a lifetime. Alternatives such as partial bridges and dentures must be refitted periodically and require a more extensive level of care to keep them germ-free and intact. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth and can be cared for with the same routine brushing and careful flossing.

Avoid Damage to Other Teeth

When one tooth is missing, it causes the teeth around it to migrate. This affects not just the surrounding teeth, but the rest of the mouth as well. This can cause wider gaps to form between the teeth and leave them more difficult to care for adequately. Difficulty cleaning these gaps between the teeth can result in bacterial deposits and even more damage to other teeth. Unfortunately, one missing tooth can lead down a slippery slope.

Decrease the Risk of Bone Loss

A missing tooth can negatively impact the jaw as well as the surrounding teeth. If the missing tooth is not replaced, it will lead to bone loss over time, which can negatively impact a patient’s bite. This receding jaw line can also cause unattractive sagging that most people associate with aging. Wait long enough to make the decision and implants may no longer be an option without more complex and expensive bone and gum grafts to compensate for this bone loss.

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