Reasons for the Increasing Demand for Senior Communities Offering Independent Living in Spokane WA

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Assisted Living

More retirement communities that include both independent and assisted living options are available than ever before as developers try to keep up with demand. A large aging population has led to a much greater need for these communities, and more people than ever are deciding they prefer this lifestyle option. They appreciate the convenience of apartments designed for Independent Living in Spokane WA and the chance to share a community with other people in a similar age range. If the day ever comes that they do need the benefits of assisted living, they won’t have to move to a different community.

This type of living arrangement comes with some flexibility. For instance, at a place like Orchard Crest Retirement Community, new residents can choose from a variety of sizes and floor plans. A married couple might want a three-bedroom apartment, so they have plenty of room. One bedroom might function as a guest room and the other as a home office and craft room. Some of the floor plans have two bathrooms as well. In contrast, a single person who plans to travel and spend a lot of time visiting relatives in other locations might prefer a studio apartment that requires very little housekeeping. A resident who has little interest in meal preparation can choose to have meal service instead. Pet owners will be happy to learn that this type of community welcomes canine and feline companions. Just because someone is a retiree doesn’t mean he or she is ready to stop having a pet.

A single or widowed person who has developed a certain level of disability may not need assistance but also may no longer be able to keep up with the work required to maintain a house. This individual also will appreciate Independent Living in Spokane WA. Life is easier now with a manageable apartment, and there are more social opportunities than there were when living alone. The new resident doesn’t need to go anywhere to spend time with numerous friends; many friends are right there in the same community. They can have lunch together regularly, share a multitude of activities and enjoy their golden years.

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