Protecting Merchandise With Surveillance Systems In San Antonio TX

by | Feb 6, 2017 | Security

If merchandise has been stolen from an antique shop on several occasions, the following tips will assist with protecting a building and its contents. Each tip may also help keep staff members safe and provide them with peace of mind while they are working.

Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance Systems in San Antonio TX will allow a business owner to keep track of what is going on in various parts of their shop without needing to walk around the premises. Small cameras can be set up in corners of a store and will not be spotted by clients as they look at merchandise. If a business owner has duties that need to be handled away from their shop, they can have their Surveillance Systems in San Antonio TX programmed so that notifications are sent to a mobile device. If anyone attempts to steal an item, an individual will be able to contact police quickly so that merchandise can be recovered.

Security Tags

Security tags contain a magnetic field that will emit an alarm if items are brought past a specific point inside of a shop. When merchandise is purchased, a clerk can deactivate a tag so that an alarm doesn’t sound. Otherwise, an alarm will prompt a business owner or employee to apprehend a person who is leaving with an item. A metal gate or frame that is installed near the exit to a building will detect a magnetic field if a tag has not been deactivated. A business that sells security equipment can assist with installing and maintaining a system that utilizes security tags.

Bag Storage And Receipt Inspection

A storage area inside of a shop will provide customers with plenty of space to store their personal bags. If people aren’t carrying bags inside of a shop, they will not be as likely to steal items and will not have a suitable area to hide merchandise. Once business transactions are complete, each receipt should be inspected. If the receipt clearly shows that the merchandise that someone is carrying has been purchased, an individual can reclaim their personal items that are in storage.

Additional information about surveillance equipment and security measures can be acquired if an individual decides to Click Here when they visit a security company’s website.

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