Preparing Your Child For His First Eye Exam

by | Mar 7, 2013 | Health

Going to the doctor of any kind can be quite scary for children. Most of the time they remember going to see the doctor when they were sick and do not feel like being bothered. They also may remember getting shots and immunizations when they were little and this may cause them a bit of nerves when it comes time to visit the doctor again, even the optician for an eye exam in Port Orchard. It is important to prepare your child for his or her first eye exam so they will know exactly what to expect and will not be afraid to go.

Before your child goes to have his eye exam you should discuss a few things with him. Let your child know that the doctor will be shinning a light into his eyes to look to see how healthy they are. You should also make your child aware they may have to put drops in their eyes as well. Let them know that this is not painful but that they will need to sit very still while it is being done. Also make sure your child knows that when they visit the eye doctor they will not have to worry about getting any type of shot or taking any type of medication. This will help to ease their mind and help them not be so afraid.

In order to get your child use to the idea of eye drops you may want to use some natural eye drops a few times at home before you take him to the doctor. This way he will know exactly what he can expect and will not be worried.

You may also want to discuss with your child the possibility of getting glasses. Help them to know that glasses are not a bad thing and if he has to get them he should not be upset by it. You can also talk to him about trying contacts in case he doesn’t want to get glasses for fear of being called names at school. If your child is a good listener and can take good care of things on his own, contacts may be the way to go.

Once you have talked to your child about the eye doctor and what to expect, you may want to take him for a quick office visit so that he can see and meet the folks who work there. This is a great way to ease nerves in a child. Children like to know what to expect, so if you show him exactly what is going to happen and where it will take place, he is likely not going to give you any problems come time for his appointment.

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