Photo Booth Technology: More Advanced Than You Realize

Who doesn’t remember the photo booths of yesteryear? They once appeared in malls and arcades, as well as other business venues. You sat on a bench inside, and the machine would take several snapshots. After a brief wait, it would spit out a series of pictures. They were fun, but not particularly advanced regarding technology. Today’s photo booth technology far outstrips the booths of yesteryear. What should you know?

New Styles

One of the most interesting advancements when it comes to photo booth technology is the development of a wide range of new styles. Yes, you’ll still find the classic style booths out there, but there are so many more options now. For instance, you’ll find stand-up style booths that are perfect for installation in an area with limited space, as well as elite style booths that offer space for more people and other benefits.

Green Screen

One really exciting development with photo booth technology is the ability to use a green screen. In the past, you either dealt with a static background, or focused only on the people in the shot. With green screen technology, you can add any kind of backdrop imaginable, from the surface of Mars or the moon to dinosaurs and everything in between.

Slow Motion

While photo booths might be synonymous with static photos, a new style on the market is the slow-motion station. Essentially, this is a photo booth equipment with high-tech, slow-motion cameras that capture the action with incredible precision. Note that slow-motion stations do not work the same as traditional booths, so you may need to rent two stations if you want to provide your guests with traditional photo booth operation as well as slow-motion video capture.

Social Connections

Social media now pervades every area of our lives, and you’ll find that photo booth technology has kept pace with that evolution. InstaPic stations allow you to take your photos and upload them right to the social network for immediate sharing with your friends, family and followers.

These are just a few of the ways that photo booth technology has advanced in recent years. There are many others. We invite you to contact Photo Booth Rentals by ISH Events to learn more about our offerings, and how our rentals might be a great fit for your upcoming event or for installation at your venue. Call us today at 888-340-9190. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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