Options for Treating Rosacea in Chevy Chase, MD

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Skin Care

Rosacea is a skin condition that can cause redness, flushing, bumpy skin texture, swelling, and visible blood vessels. Depending on the type of rosacea a person has, they will have a different combination of these symptoms. It mostly affects the face, ears, back, and chest. There are a number of potential treatments for Rosacea in Chevy Chase MD, although there is no permanent cure as of yet.


Oral antibiotics are sometimes used in the treatment of rosacea to help limit inflammation and fight any bacteria that may be leading to breakouts. Regular antibiotic use could lead to antibiotic resistance, however, unless you use one of the special low-dose versions meant for long-term use.

Topical Treatments

Using sunscreen may help limit the number of rosacea outbreaks a person has. Also, brimonidine, metronidazole, and azelaic acid may all help with reducing redness due to mild Rosacea in Chevy Chase MD. Topical medications often used to treat acne, such as retinoids and benzoyl peroxide, can sometimes help as well.

Other Oral Medications

Those with more severe rosacea may find that it responds to the acne medication isotretinoin, but this medication shouldn’t be used if you’re pregnant due to an increased risk of serious birth defects.

Light Treatments

Intense pulsed light therapy may help make blood vessels less visible. Laser therapy can also help with this and with minimizing redness. However, laser therapy isn’t typically covered by insurance, and it can be expensive to get the series of treatments necessary for the best results. It doesn’t work for everyone, though, so check with a doctor to see if it would be likely to work in your case.


Dermabrasion may help with some of the skin changes that occur due to rosacea, as it removes the top layer of the skin.

Other Steps

Certain things are likely to trigger rosacea. Once you learn what these are for you, do your best to avoid these triggers. Examples include cold weather and wine. Be sure to take steps to limit sun exposure, such as wearing a hat, and use a mild cleansing regime to keep your face clean.

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