On Hiring Oil and Gas Construction Firms: 5 Essential Qualities to Look for

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Oil And Gas

The National Energy Board regulates 73,000 km of pipelines. That’s about 10 percent of the length of pipeline in Canada. That translates to quite a number of jobs for construction and maintenance workers. If you’re looking to hire oil and gas construction companies in Alberta, here are a few qualities to consider:


How much experience does the company’s team have in terms of pipeline construction, rehabilitation and protection? The best way to get a team of highly competent works on board is to look for companies that are committed to providing quality workforce solutions.


It might be a good idea to look for firms that specialize in providing qualified workers to oil and gas construction companies in Alberta. This means the company likely holds more than enough industry experience and insight to ensure fast and efficient results. If you want to give your project the best chance of success.


Service is nothing when it isn’t paired with integrity and trust. When you select a construction company for your pipeline project or oilfield, make sure that’s the case. A construction team that you can trust will go a long way to achieving your project goals.


Communication is essential. You want to know that the adjustments or changes you requested are going to be implemented without any further delays. That’s why engaging the services of a construction firm that is responsive to your needs should be high on your list of must-have qualities. If the company takes a day or two to respond and is typically hard to get a hold of, then you’ll be better off looking for help elsewhere.


Look for companies with an excellent reputation in the construction field. By partnering with ABSA, the CWB and Alberta Apprenticeship, Platinum Pipefitting is an outstanding choice to go for.

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