Maintain Your Floor’s Original Luster with Wood Floor Refinishing in Windsor, CT

by | May 29, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

If you own an older home that is carpeted, you might have a hardwood floor sitting below the covering. If so, you should think about upgrading the floor itself, especially if your current carpet is older or is soiled. Even if a hardwood floor has suffered from wear and tear, water damage or scratches, it can still be saved and preserved for another century. You just need to know who to contact to have the floor sanded and restored.

Other Important Offerings

When you contact a service that features wood floor refinishing in Windsor, CT, it will typically offer other service options as well. Besides sanding and refinishing, services can extend to dustless floor sanding, the use of water- and oil-based finishes, and repair broken or buckled boards. Colors for refinishing can be matched with the current floor as well.

If you do not have hardwood floor that requires wood floor refinishing, you can also opt for a hardwood installation. Regardless of the service, a company that installs or restores hardwood can change the looks of a home. In fact, the change is often so dramatic that some people do not feel as though they are living in the same house.

Dustless Refinishing

When opting for wood floor refinishing, you might want to ask about dustless refinishing. This state of the art process uses equipment that is similar to a centralized vacuum system. While the preparation and refinishing work are performed, the vacuum-type equipment gathers the wood particles, allergens, dirt, and airborne dust.

When a dustless refinishing process is used, you do not have to cover belongings with plastic. Nor is a cleanup required after a floor has been sanded. If you suffer from allergies or anyone in your family is sensitive to dust, you will need to ask about the service.

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