Know to Grow: Wedding Cake Strain

Growing your cannabis at home pays for itself and allows the user to control their supply. In California, state law regulates who may grow, how much they may grow and possess, and offers waivers for medical cannabis patients who may need a waiver based on a medical need to grow and possess more than the legal limit. Buying regular Wedding Cake seeds from an established farm also allows you to ask about THC levels – which have in some cases been tweaked up to 25 percent.

That’s a little like expecting a bottle rocket and getting a Falcon 9 orbital lift.

Wedding Cake is a hybrid between the Cherry Pie and Girlscout Cookies strains and can be found under another name – Pink Cookies. Once again, the THC levels are very high, and the strain was bred to help patients with extreme pain, stress, and other symptoms.

Growing Regular Wedding Cake Seeds

Growing from seed is not really for the beginner, but you have to start someplace, right? First, check the California limits on how many immature plans are allowed, and then decide whether or not to apply for a medical waiver. The flowering time from seed to mature plant is around eight to ten weeks, and yield can be as high as sixteen processed ounces per plant indoors or outdoors. Of course, when you start thinning out your plants, you’ll be getting rid of male plants and will need to feminize your seeds or make clones if you plan to grow a follow-up crop.

Buy Good Seeds!

It doesn’t matter if you’re planting in a $3,000 grow tent or in 5-gallon buckets in a foil-lined closet. The best ways to guarantee a good crop are to do your growing homework and buy the best quality seeds from a reputable grower.

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