Keep That Beloved Pet Healthy With Help From a Veterinarian in Ft. Meade

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Veterinarians

A family pet can be a wonderful thing. In fact, some studies have shown that pet ownership can improve a person’s health and happiness. However, owning an animal can be a huge responsibility because they can have health issues just like people. For instance, many small animals such as canines can suffer from broken bones and torn ligaments. This often happens because the animal lives in the world of people where there are many large items that can harm them. This is where an experienced veterinarian in Ft. Meade can help. Vets can fix the injuries and then explain to the owners how to handle the rehabilitation of their pet.

Animal health care is crucial, but it is also important to consider how the veterinary clinic handles critical procedures. One reason for this is that most pets are much smaller than people and performing difficult tasks such as surgery on these tiny animals can be extremely difficult. This is one reason that vets have avoided operating on small animals whenever possible. Thankfully, modern techniques have been developed that make surgical procedures and testing much easier. One of these is laparoscopic gastropexy, which is used for treating bloat in large dogs. Other useful procedures include improved testing and better imaging techniques.

One of the more important procedures that a veterinarian can perform for certain pets is spaying or neutering. Spaying is performed on female cats and dogs, but this process can be quite invasive. An experienced veterinarian in Ft. Meade can prove an alternative with a laparoscopic spaying. This procedure causes much less trauma and reduces the pet’s recovery time. Neutering is the procedure performed on male animals, and one of the benefits it provides is a reduction in aggressive behavior. For instance, a neutered dog is less likely to stray from home in the search for females, and they usually avoid challenges to other canines. Neutering a tomcat can provide a number of benefits including a reduction in caterwauling. Plus, the male cat will be less likely to roam the neighborhood, which lowers the chance of the animal getting run over when crossing the road. Get more information about pet care from the experts at Gambrills Veterinary.

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