Janitors Should Be Aware Of The Chemical Supply Provided To Them

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business

Janitors may not seem like the busiest workers in the world to the untrained eye, but they do have an important responsibility to ensure that a building is as clean as they can get it. Cleanliness leads to first impressions, which in turn leads to more people coming back to that building due to the associations they have made in their minds with that place. This is a beneficial thing to experience no matter which industry you are in. But beyond this, cleanliness leads to a safe and healthy environment that people can stay in without having to worry about their health or fear inhaling a toxic substance by mistake. If you are a janitor, you are provided with a chemical supply by the organization you work for to clean the floors and the tables. Here are two things to ask yourself before you use a single spray of those chemicals.

Does It Have Ingredients that Are Demonstrably Unsafe for Others?

When dealing with a chemical supply, it is important to remember that you are dealing with artificial chemicals designed for the sole purpose of cleaning dirty tables, floors, and other surfaces that need washing. However, what you may not have thought twice about was the damage that it could do you and others. If the chemical solution you were using for cleaning were to spill on your skin one day by accident, would you be at risk for injury? Would you be able to shrug it off without worrying about it? Are the odors that the chemicals release harmful? These questions should come up in your mind for the purpose of being conscious about the products that you use, and not to instill paranoia. There are many great chemical supply solutions you can use that are designed to be safe, but you have to read the safety labels first and ensure that you know how to handle them properly.

Does It Do a Good Job of Cleaning Heavy-Duty Stains?

Assuming that you have the safest cleaning solution in the world, you may still be still left unsure if the cleaning solution will do what it is advertised to do. A cleaning solution will be useless if it cannot remove the heavy stains that are on the floors and other surfaces after a long day of people running around and spreading their garbage and germs everywhere. It is okay if the solution needs to be diluted to avoid using something that is heavy in concentrated cleaning chemicals, but you want to make sure that the place you’re cleaning looks better after your job is done.

As long as your cleaning solutions do the job that they say they will do, without causing a safety hazard to yourself or others upon use or accidental spillage, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with high quality materials.

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