Is It Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

by | May 22, 2018 | Home Improvement

Repairs can only do so much. Check the following signs to find out if it’s time you took a long look at replacement windows for your Windsor property.

You have old windows

Windows older than ten or even fifteen years will already show signs of wear. Maybe minor repairs will do in some cases, but if the windows are stuck, hard to open or damaged to the extreme, then it’s probably best to consider shopping for new ones.

You want energy-efficient options

Your old windows may not be giving you any trouble since you can open and close them with ease. But if the design of the window is outdated, then your windows aren’t energy-efficient. You could save on plenty of costs when you switch to energy-efficient replacement windows for your Windsor home.

You want to improve curb appeal

If you plan on selling the property a few years down the road, then replacing your windows is a good investment. The cost-savings that energy-efficient windows will bring will help boost the resale value of the property. That’s going to be a welcome bit of good news.

Your windows are damaged

Old windows don’t necessarily mean damaged windows. But if yours are in poor condition and you’ve only put off the work for years, then don’t wait around until your windows contribute to the humidity problems in your home. Left unchecked, those cracked windowpanes or rotting frames could lead to water leaks and pest infestations into your property. Keep further problems from happening by buying replacement units.

Your windows are a safety risk

Access is one of the best things about having windows. If there’s a fire, you can easily go through one and get to safety. That’s going to be difficult to manage if your windows are locked shut, though. Have that fixed to ensure it’s not a safety risk, the HGTV says.

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