Interesting Facts About Movers in New Haven County

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Moving

Everybody at one time or another will probably deal with the experience of moving. While it is a chore to most people, there are still some interesting facts about Movers in New Haven County that a reader may like to know.

1. According to industry statistics, nearly 17 million people move in the United States every year. This is more people than visit Disneyland annually.

2. The average weight of a move between states is nearly 7000 lbs. To give a visual estimate, this is the equivalent to almost 500 cantaloupes.

3. Interstate moves made by professional moving trucks equate to an average trip of 1100 miles. Talk about long-haul trucking!

4. Nearly half of all moves are because someone has to relocate for their job, while just over 30 percent of moves are made because of retirement plans. The other percentage falls into miscellaneous personal reasons.

5. On numerous surveys, people have rated moving as the third most stressful event they have gone through in life. Moving follows only death and divorce as the leading cause of stress. This is a great reason why Movers in New Haven County should be hired to do the job. This lets the person moving concentrate on other things.

6. According to a survey of past college graduates, after five years of graduating college, 30 percent of them did not live in the same state in which they graduated. Just over 35 percent did not live in the same state in which they graduated high school.

7. People who live on the West Coast move the most in their lives, while people who live in the Northeast states move the least amount of times in their lives.

8. Over half of all moves happen in the summertime. This is most assuredly due to the ease of moving in nicer weather versus having to move in the cold grip of winter.

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