Install a door air curtain and say goodbye to closed doors

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Business

Are you looking for something that works as a physical separator between two areas? If the answer is yes, you might actually require a door air curtain. This makes for a great option in scenarios where actual doors cannot be bought on grounds of impracticality. In workspaces or even at home, there may be several zones where many people or family members pass through on a regular basis and continually opening or closing doors will not serve the purpose in this case. This will definitely be an issue when spread over a long period of time. As a result, a door air curtain is something that comes handy in these situations. This is because a controlled air jet is tapped at the very junction of two spaces that are open. This automatically leads to the creation of an air seal of sorts. Another major advantage is that since physical barriers are not present between two spaces, unhindered movement is possible.

Door air curtains majorly have two kinds, namely the recirculating and non-recirculating varieties. The former are not commonly used and are mostly found in areas which have huge footfalls like retail zones. They help in air recirculation across multiple sides while keeping the balance intact. The latter are commonly used with lower costs of maintenance and also work out cheaper due to their lower prices. Door air curtains also offer multi-functional benefits.

They help in saving energy in good measure by controlling the transfer of air and also help in saving energy on account of lower air handler/compressor running times, something that translates into visible financial benefits after a period of time. There is greater comfort for people and customers while footfalls will not be hindered due to physical barriers or any hindrances related to visibility. There will also be higher productivity since the temperature will remain absolutely stable while the spaces around doors will be more functional or usable. There will be total elimination of any fog or ice in areas which function as cold storage zones and you will also be able to cut down on the advent of flying insects. You can check out the air curtains availbale at NHN Tyro India since they have earned a reputation as one of the best and most reliable door air curtain suppliers.

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