Important Basic Information on Abortion: An Education on the Process

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Pregnancy and Birth

There are many women today who find themselves pregnant and who are not sure if they are ready or able to be a parent. This is a very difficult thing for any woman to face and is a situation that involves a number of options. For the mothers who are unsure if they are ready or able to parent, one option they may be considering is abortion. Since abortion is legal in the United States, the decision to go through with the procedure is entirely up to the mother. However, she should still take the time to learn some basic information on this process before considering it so that she has a general understanding of abortion and what it entails.

As most people know, abortion is a procedure used to terminate a pregnancy before it is able to go full term. While it may seem like abortion is a quick fix and an easy and fast way to get rid of a pregnancy and move forward with your life, it is actually a rather complex medical procedure. The process of getting an abortion can be very hard on the body and many times comes with come physical consequences. The recovery process can be long and painful and you will want to make sure that have information on the possible side effects of abortion before moving forward so you know what to expect.

Another thing to keep in mind with abortion is that there are different types of abortions that are done based on how far along the pregnancy is. First trimester aspiration abortions are done between 4-13 weeks after the last menstrual period and are the most common and least invasive types of abortions. There are also dilation and evacuation abortions which take place in the second trimester between 13 and 24 weeks after the last missed period. This is a more complex abortion process.

There are also abortion pills that are being offered to women as well. These are for women who are up to 49 days after their last menstrual cycle, however these pills are typically used for women who are a few days or a couple of weeks along after their first missed period. These pills are taken and will kill the fetus and in the 48 hours following the procedure the fetus will leave the body. Those who are considering abortion will have these procedures to think about as well as other more advanced procedures for situations where there is a life-threatening or dangerous pregnancy that could impact the mother. There of course are alternatives to abortion as well such as parenting and adoption to consider.



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