How to take your cake decorating to the next level with fondant plunger cutters

by | Jul 26, 2017 | Shopping

Fondant plunger cutters are the perfect cake decorating tool which allows you to add all types of intricate designs to your fondant. Whether you want alphabet shapes, flowers, or lace edging, you can get the perfect look to your fondant with just a few simple steps. Exploring the use of fondant plunger cutters can aid you in determining if this is the right cake decorating method for you.

Make beautiful patterns

You can make beautiful patterns in your fondant when you purchase fondant plunger cutters. These plunger cutters have been specifically made to work with fondant of all types. To begin the process of using fondant plunger cutters, you will need to purchase high quality fondant. You can get fondant at your local bakery supply shop or from a trusted supplier of online baking supplies and equipment.

Roll out your fondant

In order to properly roll out your fondant, you will want to invest in a fondant rolling pin. You can use the rolling pin gingerly over the top of the fondant to get it as flat as possible. Your fondant plunger cutters can effectively flatten your fondant to the desired thickness which will typically be at about 1/8thof an inch. Once your fondant is flat and thin enough without being too thin, you will be ready to use your fondant plunger cutters.

Choosing the perfect design

Whether you are designing a beautiful bridal shower cake, birthday cake, or graduation cake, it helps to have the right design. When choosing from among the available fondant plunger cutters, you will want to choose the ones that go along with your theme. Use these to create beautiful and stunning designs in your cakes that are sure to wow your guests. is your source for quality baking supplies such as fondant plunger cutters. Find out more when you visit them online at

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