How to pick a great animal hospital

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Health

Picking the right animal hospital in Millersville can be daunting. They all may look great from the outside but it is not the outside of the building that counts, it’s the care the animals receive while inside that does.

Here are a few practical hints that may help you find the perfect animal hospital in Millersville to suit both you and your pet.
Anyone who handles animals is a good place to start. Talk to people who groom dogs, ask the local animal shelter personnel, ask trainers and of course ask any of your neighbors, friends or family that take excellent care of their pet.

When you narrow down the search by getting the same name time and time again, consider these things:

1. The location:
The location and the opening hours of the hospital are important, although not the most important. When you are talking to vet, ask if they have extended hours which can accommodate people who work late or can the pet be dropped off in the morning and be picked up at the end of the day. If you cannot have time off from your work, this will be an important issue.

2. Services:
Look for an animal hospital in Millersville that is fully equipped. They should have modern diagnostic equipment such as ultra-sound, X-ray, etc. Find out if they offer boarding, this can be important if you travel extensively. A very important service is emergency care. If the hospital simply refers you to an emergency clinic, this can cost a great deal, it is better if the hospital you are looking for offers emergency service.

3. Fees:
If money is a consideration then you may have to look at a number of possibilities that meet your budget constraints. As a general rule; the fancier the clinic the more expensive the fees, a great proportion of the fee structure is made up of overhead. You may find a more modest operation that still offers the level of service that you are looking for.

It does matter what the fee structure is, find out if the animal hospital in Millersville accepts credit cards or offers a deferred payment plan. Having this at your disposal is important if you are faced with a major emergency with your pet.

Once these details are sorted out, the next step is making a visit to the animal hospital that you are thinking of using. If you can, take your pet with you. Watch how your pet acts when you enter the building, animals have uncanny sense’s which they can use to analyze where they are and are they being threatened. If the pet reacts strangely, you may want to find out the reason.

Check the cleanliness and orderliness of the facility as well as all staff members. Watch for the interaction between your pet and the hospital staff.

By following these simple suggestions, you should be able to select the best animal hospital in Millersville.

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