How to Manage Pet Allergies

by | Apr 9, 2013 | Health

Though pet allergies are relatively common in Louisville KY, some people just cannot resist having pets at home. From venomous snakes to domesticated dogs and cats, these people would care for these animals and consider them as part of their family. For a pet lover, having these animals around makes the house warmer and a lot better.

In contrast to common perception, pet allergies can be minimized and prevented. Just because you are allergic to pets, it does not mean you cannot have a pet at home. As a matter of fact, there are millions of people around the world who have pet allergies, but are still able to manage to live harmoniously with these animals under one roof. Basically, there are a lot of ways to prevent pet allergies. If you are allergic to pets, and you still want to own a pet, make sure to consider these suggestions and pointers:

Consult an allergist

Get recommendations from a certified and licensed allergist in your area. With their knowledge in immunology, allergy doctors can provide information on which products and items can help you reduce pet allergies at your home. In addition to that, allergists provide the best remedies and solutions for allergic reactions that can be caused by pet allergens.

Wash your pet

If you have a cat or dog living with you, clean and bathe your pet at least twice a week. Basically, bathing and cleaning them will reduce the allergen levels in their body. When cleaning a pet, make sure to use a mild cat or dog shampoo to prevent your pet’s skin from getting too dry and dull.

HEPA air purifier

Invest in a good and proficient hypoallergenic air purifier with HEPA filters. As opposed to other air purifiers and cleaners, a hypoallergenic HEPA purifier captures 99.97 percent of all the harmful particles and allergens inside your home. By using a HEPA air purifier, you are preventing allergens and other harmful particles from circulating throughout your home.

Clean frequently

Vacuum your floors and rugs on a regular basis. Also, scrub your furniture, ceilings, baseboards, walls and floors with the appropriate cleaners. When cleaning your home, make sure to wear a dust mask. If possible, get some someone who is not suffering from pet allergies in Louisville, KY to do this job.

Designate a pet zone

Your pet should be confined to a room or two. If possible, create a home or bedroom for the pet. By confining them to a particular location, you can focus on reducing allergens in one specific area, instead of trying to control your pet’s allergens all over the house. Also, avoid using carpets inside your pet’s room to avoid constant vacuuming and cleaning.

Wash their toys

Wash your pet’s toys and belongings frequently. For the most part, these items carry allergens and other harmful particles.

Do not share furniture

As much as possible, keep your dog or cat away from your couches and upholstered furniture. Also, get your pet with a comfortable bed that is easy to clean. When you share furniture with your pets, you are exposing yourself to allergens that come from their fur and saliva.


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