How important is Climate Control Storage in Los Angeles to Your Art?

by | May 3, 2016 | Moving

Climate control storage in Los Angeles is a very important part of effectively, safely storing art. Improper climate can be one of the worst enemies of the safety of your art pieces. The right storage facility is a must if you want your art to stay safe. There may be times when you will be traveling for an extended period of time or when you are:

  • Having renovations done at home
  • In between permanent residences
  • Need extra storage space
  • Want to protect precious pieces that you do not want to display

Having the right storage options can meet your needs is a wide range of situations where you have to be separated from your art.

Why Is Climate Control Important?

It is not just climate control but climate control with art in mind that is important when you need a storage solution. The right temperature, humidity level, dust free conditions and access are all an important part of safely storing and preserving your art. Too much heat or cold can easily cause damage to the quality of a piece. Humidity is also a huge factor in how well your art is able to maintain its integrity. Of course you need a facility that is clean and well-kept and void of dust. Dust can literally eat away at art work over time.

To best protect your goods you need a climate controlled storage facility that maintains museum quality climate control, it is very important for maintaining the value of your art.

Art Pack understands the importance of providing a climate controlled facility that takes care of your fine art while it is in storage. You can take a look at the facility before you make your decision to help you to make a confident decision about where to store your pieces.

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