How a Home Health Care Nurse in Fairfield Can Benefit Your Family

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Healthcare

If your loved one has a serious or terminal illness but doesn’t need the around-the-clock nursing care provided in an expensive skilled nursing facility, you may benefit from the services of a Home Health Care Nurse in Fairfield. Home health care nurses provide many of the same services as nurses who work in long-term care facilities but they are able to treat patients in their own homes.

Home health care is a preferred option when the patient is either able to take care of some of their own daily needs or another family member is in the home most of the time. In many cases, the cost of placing a person in a skilled nursing facility is unnecessary if they have can have the equipment, care and supervision they need in their own home.

Patients often recover better from surgery or illnesses when they are in a comfortable environment. If your loved one needs nursing care but either doesn’t want or doesn’t need to be in a hospital, hiring a home health care agency such as Horizon Home Health Care, LLC may be a great solution for your family. The agency will work with the doctor or other medical providers to ensure that your loved one gets the care they need in the comfort of their home.

Home health care is more convenient for family members. When a loved one is in a hospital, family members may not be able to visit as much as they would if the patient was at home. One or more family members may schedule time to sit with their loved one when the nurse is not there. Other home care aides may also visit to keep your loved one company when family cannot be present.

A Home Health Care Nurse in Fairfield can provide tube feeding, IV therapy, dressing changes, ostemy care and patient or family member education. Nurses are compassionate and attentive care where their patients are most comfortable. They are respectful of their patients’ homes and work closely with family members to provide the highest quality of care for a fraction of the price of a skilled nursing facility.


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